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Melamine MDF board is not more environmentally friendly than pollution
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Melamine MDF board is not more environmentally friendly than pollution

Source: nine positive Building Material Date :2010 -09-03

  Furniture and beautiful in appearance requirements and to reflect the fashion in the application should be based on the basic requirements of comfort and convenience , but also durable and easy to maintain. Therefore , the quality of furniture , a plate.

Furniture and beautiful in appearance requirements and to reflect the fashion in the application should be based on the basic requirements of comfort and convenience , but also durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, the furniture is good or bad , is the sheet metal or wood , the focus is not elegant , materials and processes, in order to ultimately determine its grade.

Cabinet material grades markedly .

Sheet metal furniture is artificial plate as the substrate , the use of metal parts connected together furniture. There are common artificial board plywood , block board , particle board , MDF and so on. Plywood used in furniture production needs bending deformation ; Blockboard performance core material is sometimes affected by the board ; particleboard material loose , only for low-grade furniture. Most cost-effective , the most commonly used is the medium density fiberboard (MDF). Common cabinet veneer finishes materials ( commonly known as the veneer ) , polyester paint surface ( commonly known as paint ) , melamine finish, wood paper ( commonly known as the sticker ), PVC sheet and so on. The latter two finishes typically used for low-grade furniture. Where natural veneer finishes, piano paint used in high-end products , melamine furniture finishes in the mid relatively common. Some of the cabinet on the market more and more realistic veneer , gloss , feel so good .

The combination of cabinets usually a variety of metal hardware, so the hardware quality will also identify the important factors of quality cabinets . If I choose to Italy or Japan, high-quality hardware, furniture certainly not bad to go .

Cabinet has been criticized more in environmental protection , some manufacturers to produce materials such as particleboard and veneer to be sealed and no words , easy release of harmful formaldehyde . When consumers buy open door or drawer smell , if there is a strong pungent odor , you should not buy .

In 2008, the "poison milk powder" incident, many consumers have doubts melamine board furniture , " did not know that melamine board is the main material for making furniture , since the body will have hurt , or cautious point better. "This is a consumer melamine board prevailing attitude .

Melamine has a non-flammable, water-resistant, heat resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance , good insulation properties , gloss and high mechanical strength , which is the main material of furniture finishes , the current market price of 4,000 yuan cabinets are mostly made using melamine plywood , particleboard as the substrate of this sheet is based on the use of melamine impregnated paper as finishes.

Melamine is not a source of pollution in the issue , China Furniture Association, vice chairman Zhu Changling quite sure to tell reporters: " melamine itself is nontoxic , relatively stable, will not be cured free toxicity , consumers can rest assured that the use of qualified melamine furniture ."

He said , for making furniture melamine board on air pollution depends on whether the use of melamine MDF board or particleboard substrate , that is, if the substrate formaldehyde emission standards, it will not appear formaldehyde situation. That year, the dynasty furniture specifically for the Olympic Games "Olympic House" series , also used melamine finishes cabinetry.

Jian Wei Li, deputy general manager of furniture sales company in Guangzhou Liyuan explicitly told reporters , melamine board with natural wood can not be both excellent performance, but also environmentally friendly than other materials such as MDF . "The key is Edge, relatively speaking, it is more than wood paper veneer furniture is much better ."

Should not be immersed in water to prevent edge cracking.

Therefore , the substrate Ye Hao, Ye Hao finishes , Edge is the key to the cabinet . Sealing material merits , there is no uneven edge , tilt phenomenon . In particular, note that it is not the six sides edge . Ie using non- formaldehyde adhesives, wood-based panels in the production process , but there will be more or less volatile gases , sealing tight, of course, good for the bedroom environment .

Relatively speaking, the melamine veneer furniture is better than other finishes , melamine board veneer extremely wear-resistant , scratch-resistant , acid and alkali , usually without special maintenance . But one thing needs to be noted , is not a long time in the use of melamine is immersed in water in order to avoid edge cracking. The most Yasumizu cracking up , that wood paper veneer cabinets .

If veneer cracking or breakage of the phenomenon , you can use the following methods to repair : First, put a damp cloth breakage , and then in a damp place a hot iron , forcing the moisture from entering the veneer, veneer becomes so great toughness and difficult fragmentation . This can put the old glue scraped , and then coated with a layer of wood at the grassroots level white glue , and then in the opposite loose veneer coated with a new layer of glue , compaction, the glue is completely dry can.

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