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Plate cupboard under the age of 35 young people ages
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Plate cupboard under the age of 35 young people ages

Source: Inner Mongolia Morning News Date :2010 -12-02

Plate cabinet with plywood for the substrate to artificial wood color skin or thin veneer, melamine board for surface finishes, with rich colors and varied shapes, its decorative effect is obvious, practical, strong, and the price compared to solid wood cabinets are more affordable, by consumers of all ages.

Ms. Feng has just purchased a set of public modern style plate cupboard, she told reporters: "Plate cabinets fashionable, stylish, suitable for young people's aesthetic, the overall mix but not simple." Insiders, the current cabinet plate the main consumer of mostly young people under 35 years of age, because of their fashion plate cabinets, simple consumer awareness coincide. Reporters visited the building materials market, a number of brands will plate cabinet as the main product, to attract the attention of consumers, and its impressive sales performance, the annual total sales accounted for about 70% of the cabinet.

Plate cabinets easy to assemble, easy to transport, styles, stylish, and the quality is stable, not easily deformed, practical, strong, and has a higher environmental protection. Plate wood cabinets can effectively improve the utilization, reduce wood consumption, protecting environmental resources, to achieve harmony between man and the environment; regular brand companies must go through rigorous review board, to achieve even E0 class E1 class environmental standards.

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