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Cabinets need to buy external integration
CreateDate:2013-8-19 14:52:14

Cabinets need to buy external integration

Source: Sina home Date :2012 -11-19

Cabinet 's position in the home improvement has been rising , from the perspective of the overall home improvement , home improvement cabinet is one of the components , like sofas, TV cabinets. From the perspective of everyday use , the cabinet color, style design, the user can evoke good mood, and tailor-made cabinets for the user , even more convenient.

With external

Different cupboard panel with different styles , such as wood cabinets are generally biased European , while the crystal panels and melamine board color is rich, you can do more fashionable style cabinetry. Consumers according to their overall style of home decoration to buy a coordinated style cabinetry . Original wood surface treatment through quality paint finishes processing, noble , athletic, the most suitable for making European cabinetry. Baking sheet color is very bright , smooth surface , it looks high grade . Firewood resistant, high temperature , anti-infiltration , easy to clean , and Melamine board fireproof, waterproof and anti-wear , and the colors are rich, modeling is also very fashionable.

Intrinsic heavy

Cupboard door types, different types of cabinet panel has its own advantages , but the quality of the cabinet panel will directly affect the future use . A cupboard have to use three to five years less , the quality is not good, always tinkering , but also worry about their look . So, choose the cabinet panel when in addition to the house style and according to their own preferences to choose style outside, but should choose a trusted brand and good quality panels.

UV board : high quality UV board surface should be as smooth as the mirror , no wavy deformation. Followed by product gloss and fullness . UV paint to be full, and the surface gloss is higher. Third , the real high-quality UV board , is extremely difficult to scratch . The products of poor quality UV board is not up to this point , high temperature burning ability is poor. Real quality UV board , UV paint board is used , so there is no kind of ordinary paint smell .

Original wood : selection of the time attention to detail , the corners are rounded and so on. Knots , Easter is a normal structure, dead knots and decay section you should be avoided.

Membrane pressure door : the selection Note film is uniform , there are no air bubbles.

Firewood : pattern clear and thorough , lifelike, three-dimensional sense ; no color ; smooth surface, wear-resistant .

Paint door series : selection of the time to look at painting is uniform , whether inside out into the border .

Melamine board: selection of the time mainly to see whether welt fit securely .

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