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Tenth anniversary
CreateDate:2013-8-19 14:52:14

2012 is the "long yuan wood " was established in the tenth year . Ten years time , pronto , let us appreciate and witnessed the hardships and the joy of success .

"Long Yuan Wood " was established in 2001 , when Chang Ming Ming Wah decorative MILL , Huangqi site located in the town of Baisha Township , plant area of less than 1,000 square meters , the main products are gorgeous board, Polaroid board, PVC stickers surface processing, in a highly competitive business environment tough survive . This time the chairman of the company business under the guidelines correctly and effectively , the whole plant personnel to work collaboratively in progress, the Ming Chinese decorative MILL spent the early days of the hard times and the establishment of the factory and accumulated experience and infrastructure development .

In 2004, three years of proven performance and growth of the company leaders are very correct approach to development , the company has been significant development . In order to win in the market, greater victories , in 2004 we have "long yuan wood " ushered in a very important year , the company leadership decided to expand the size of the company , moved to Nanhai District of Foshan City, the new industrial areas, and the company changed its name to "Long Yuan Wood Decorative materials Factory ." So far the company has a right in a development policy under the principle of continuous gratifying results obtained , the development of more products such as melamine veneer decorative panels, wooden handicrafts, bagasse boards, etc. , but also successfully developed exclusively for use in stationery industry, non-magnetic whiteboard, got the support of large number of customers at home and abroad .

2010 and 2011 , the Company continued in the competitive market, our customers get the support of the increasing volume of orders , for which the company is invested a lot of money to upgrade and increase the factory's production equipment. The company has 10 production lines, which is a 10- storey multi-faceted pressure paste production line , making the company 's production capacity can reach staggering 3.6 million face / year.

Decade of passing by, "Long Yuan Wood " has changed and become more stronger, wings like eagles want to fight the sky . Looking to the future , "Long Yuan Wood " will continue to meet the challenge, constantly develop themselves , to bring customers more quality products and services , will be bigger and stronger, in the realization of self-worth at the same time contribute to the community .

In the January 7, 2012 tonight , " long-term wood " tenth anniversary of 2012 New Year party , let us drink a toast , let us bless our business , let us continue to unite under the leadership of the company to continue to create a brilliant future .

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