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Production license audits
CreateDate:2013-8-19 14:30:05

The end of June 2012, our factory ushered to the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Province, Foshan City of Quality and Technical Supervision, Foshan, Nanhai District Quality and Technical Supervision and other leaders of relevant departments of our plant to continue production license approval for a new an inspection of the plant.

The inspection process, I plant the leadership combined with the "food safety" leaders for the quality and technology supervision report of the meeting and led the leaders of relevant departments around my factory production environment, equipment, product quality and other detailed examination.

In the inspection process, "food safety" Leaders know all I ask factory for production safety, equipment, technology, product quality and other issues. I plant has been conscientiously implement the State Quality and Technical Supervision guided by the production of guidelines and regulations relating to the implementation of corporate production, our factory has absolute confidence in the departments through audits and promised future development of enterprises will continue to implementing the national production policies, providing our customers with quality products at the same time to do their utmost to contribute to the community.

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